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Gynecologic Surgery at Specialty Surgical Center

At Specialty Surgical Center in Sparta, New Jersey, our experienced gynecology partners provide procedures that can both determine a diagnosis or manage an existing condition. Our medical team provides a compassionate, comfortable, and safe experience for a variety of gynecologic surgeries.

Adhesions are bands of scar tissue that commonly form following surgery. These bands are abnormal and can join internal structures together that should not be joined, such as organs. Adhesiolysis is the surgical removal of these adhesions and is a common procedure performed at Specialty Surgical Center.

Colposcopy is a method for the surgeon to utilize a small magnifying device to identify the cause of abnormal results in a PAP test. If an area of abnormality is determined during the colposcopy, the doctor may perform a cervical biopsy to examine the tissue under further magnification and testing.

Hysteroscopy can be performed to diagnose and treat cases of abnormal uterine or vaginal bleeding. This procedure at Specialty Surgical Center can be used both as a diagnostic procedure and to treat female reproductive issues.

Hysterectomy is another procedure that is performed at Specialty Surgical Center and involves the removal of the uterus, which effectively ends menstruation and the ability to become pregnant. A hysterectomy may be recommended for abnormal vaginal bleeding that has been treated by other methods and remains uncontrolled, cervical or uterine cancer, severe endometriosis, and other female reproductive conditions.

These and other gynecologic surgeries are performed at Specialty Surgical Center in Sparta, New Jersey. For more information, call 973-940-3166

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