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Specialty Surgical Center

Welcome to Our Center

This is your treatment, and you have the right to learn about it. Our team is dedicated to providing the absolute best care possible. We want you to find the most affordable option, and we think we can be that option for you.

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The Future of Specialty Care

Before Your Surgery

We want the day of your surgery to be a seamless experience, where you can simply walk in, check-in at our front desk and be shown to your room rather than fill out pages of paperwork.

Registration is designed to be quick and easy and completing the form should take you 20-25 minutes. Please have your insurance information handy.

The Day of Surgery

When you arrive at our center, we ask that you check-in at the front desk to verify personal, companion and insurance information.

Our Day of Surgery Guide will give you all the details on how you can prepare for your surgery.

After Your Surgery

Offering easy to understand recovery instructions for you and your family is our priority. Read through our guide for more information.

Be sure to arrange a ride option for arriving home safely after your procedure. Read through our After-Surgery Guide for more important information.

Preparing for Your Upcoming Surgery with Enhanced COVID-19 Prevention & Safety Measures

We continue to serve patients and provide them with much needed, high quality, lower cost elective surgeries in a healthcare setting where we don’t treat COVID-19 patients. We focus on safety through expanded policies and protocols in accordance with proven national health and safety guidelines.

Your visit may take longer due to our expanded safety measures, some of which may change over time.  For further questions please contact us at 973-940-3166.

Transparency in Healthcare.

In accordance with the New Jersey Out of Network Law, the facility is required to let you know that some services associated with your staff may be provided on an out of network basis.

Proof of Quality. Proof of Commitment. Accreditation with The Joint Commission.

Specialty Surgical Center is proud to serve you and are committed to meeting your healthcare needs in a state of the art environment, with a first rate staff and excellence in patient satisfaction.

We emphasize our public commitment to continuous improvement and delivery of safe, high quality care through maintaining our Accreditation with The Joint Commission and to have a continued focus on maintaining and exceeding their standards of care. We are accredited with Total Hip Replacement and Total Knee Replacement Core Accreditation by The Joint Commission.

Welcome to The Specialty Surgical Center, a premier surgical facility located in Sparta, New Jersey.

At Specialty Surgical Center, it’s all about education and choice. We empower our patients to know that they can and should compare the price of their outpatient surgery and that there should be no surprises. Each treatment at Specialty Surgical Center has a price, and we are happy to discuss this with you before your treatment. We believe in quality of care paired with the best value in treatment. The Specialty Surgical Center facilities are state-of-the-art, and the surgeons are some of the best in their specialty. With a focus on compassion, excellence, affordability, and education, we are positive that you will find Specialty Surgical Center to be the best facility for your treatment.

EDUCATION: It’s your treatment, learn about it.

Patients today are often kept in the dark about their condition and are expected to blindly adhere to the treatment plan laid out by their physicians. Specialty Surgical Center wants to change this by giving patients the education and materials they need to be informed about their condition and the treatment path recommended to them.

PRICING: One price, given upfront.

No more guessing games. Specialty Surgical Center will tell you the price upfront. We encourage patients to explore price comparisons and find the absolute best price for their treatment. We are confident that the best price will be found with us, but we want you to look at all of the options and make the decision for yourself.

RESEARCH: You have options, use them.

When purchasing a home, you wouldn’t offer the asking price on the first house you visit, right? Of course not, you are expected to shop around to find exactly what you want for the right price. This is where healthcare needs to be, and where Specialty Surgical Center is taking it. We want you to explore your options, and we think you will like what we offer.


Specialty Surgical Center (New Jersey) is being recognized as a 2018 National APEX Quality Award Winner for the second year in a row

SPH Analytics (SPH) is proud to announce that Specialty Surgical Center (New Jersey) is being recognized as a 2018 National APEX Quality Award Winner.  The APEX Quality Award distinguishes Specialty Surgical Center as one of the highest performing healthcare entities in the healthcare peer grouping.  Winners are determined solely on patient satisfaction, so the APEX Quality Award is an honor our organization and staff are proud of. This year, over 633 healthcare facilities were eligible for the award, and 96 were selected as winners.