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Common Causes of Foot and Ankle Pain

Having healthy feet and ankles is vitally important, since they are responsible for carrying us as we walk and stand. At Specialty Surgical Center in Sparta, New Jersey, our foot and ankle specialists are dedicated to providing the best in surgical care to keep you on your feet.

There are several common chronic conditions that can affect the feet and/or ankles. Achilles’ tendinitis is a condition that is characterized by pain in the leg or above the heel. It is common in runners who suddenly increase the distance or duration of their runs, and can be common in older adults who infrequently play high-energy sports like basketball. In mild to moderate cases, medication or physical therapy may be recommended, but if the tendon has torn, surgery may be required to repair it.

Ankle fusion surgery may be required if the patient has an advanced case of ankle arthritis. This fusion can relieve pain and increase or restore mobility. An ankle fusion involves the use of metal hardware to fuse the bones of the ankle together to strengthen the joint.

Bunions are common among women and are thought to be caused by years of wearing tight, narrow, high heeled shoes. The base of the joint of the big toe becomes larger and begins to protrude outward. The bigger the bunion, the more painful it is to walk, and it can eventually affect the skin on the bottom of your foot and other toes. Bunion surgery involves either removing or realigning the soft tissue and bones surrounding the affected toe. Metal hardware may be used to stabilize the area.

Plantar fasciitis is another common foot condition that causes heel pain. The plantar fascia is a band of tissue that connects the bone of the heel to the base of the toes, which in turn supports the arch of the foot. When the plantar fascia becomes inflamed or strained, it causes pain, swelling, and inflammation, and can be caused by high arches, flat feet, and standing on your feet for long periods of time. Mild to moderate cases of plantar fasciitis can be managed with medications, rest, physical therapy, and corrective shoes, but advanced cases may require surgery at Specialty Surgical Center.

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