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Exercise After Back Procedures


When a patient leaves the recovery room at Specialty Surgical Center, they are given a list of post-operative instructions. This list is critical to healing and avoiding infections once the patient gets home. The instructions are intended for use during the first few weeks of healing, but there is more to the road of recovery. Rest is a large component, but many patients are eager to get back to exercising. Fortunately, exercise is a great form of physical therapy! Some patients need physical therapy to strengthen their newly healed muscles post-operatively. This is because when patients are resting after surgery, their muscles get weak and need to be strengthened again to support the body. For those eager to get out of bed and back to their active lifestyles, they certainly can get back to exercising, but the amount of time they need to wait depends on their procedure.

Chiropractic – After a spinal adjustment or spinal manipulation has been performed, patients do not need to wait before exercising. Patients can exercise the same day, but he advises patients to be cautious. Muscles around the spine could be weaker so patients should start with a light work out. Avoid twisting the spine suddenly and remember to practice good posture.

Discectomy – Spine surgery takes a little longer to recover from. After the patient’s spine surgeon gives the ok, patients can start their physical therapy by doing light back stretches. When they feel ready, patients can start low-impact exercises like swimming or walking. Then, patients can move on to weight bearing exercises and other back strengthening techniques around the section of the spine where the surgery took place.

Vertebroplasty or kyphoplasty – These minimally invasive spine surgeries are most effective at relieving back pain and spine conditions when paired with physical therapy during recovery. Similar to discectomy, our physicians recommend strengthening exercises so the muscles can support the spine once the rest period is over. Additionally, patients can work on stability and balance.

Physical therapy is important in the recovery process because it helps patients transition back to an active lifestyle easier. Exercise increases the blood flow to the area to promote healing and functionality after a Specialty Surgical Center procedure. While we do recommend our patients exercise to gain their strength back, we strongly suggest using a physical therapist. Physical therapists are specially trained to find exercises that most help after your type of surgery. They also have tools on site like ice, braces, and more to help ease any pain. If any patient wishes to attend physical therapy after their procedure, our physicians would be happy to recommend a few in the Sparta, New Jersey area.

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