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What To Expect During Adult Circumcision

The decision to circumcise a baby boy is typically made sometime before, or shortly after the child is born. A grown man may shudder at the thought of getting circumcised as an adult, but those feelings could change based on his social experiences or religious background. Nevertheless, the surgeons at Specialty Surgical Center explain what this procedure entails and why some men may decide to undergo it later in life.

A circumcision is a minimally invasive procedure that removes the foreskin surrounding the penis. A man may decide to undergo this procedure for several reasons. Some men find it easier to clean this area without foreskin getting in the way, making the practice more hygienic. Some cultures perform circumcisions for religious reasons, whereas other may not require or condone the removal of the foreskin. A man who has converted to another religion, no longer practices, or has assimilated into American culture may wish to have a circumcision.

Finally, certain infections and diseases may require a man to have a circumcision as a form of treatment. According to the CDC, the amount of circumcised babies in the United States has decreased since its peak in the 80’s, but more than half of all men living in the U.S. are circumcised today.

The procedure:

Before the scheduled circumcision, patients may be asked not to consume foods or beverages a few hours before. Patients should arrive at Specialty Surgical Center with the area cleaned. After the surgeon has provided the patient with information on how the procedure will be performed, the patient will be sanitized and given a general anesthetic; meaning, the patient will be asleep for the surgery. Some surgeons may perform the surgery with a local anesthesia, so the patient is awake during the procedure, but does not feel any pain.

During the procedure, the surgeon will retract the foreskin and trim it off with a special device or scalpel. Small sutures will be applied to close the incision. The procedure should not take longer than an hour.

The surgeon may use a bandage to cover the stitches. The patient should be careful when bathing and drying off so there is no damage to the stitches. Pain medication may be prescribed and should be taken following the surgeon’s specific instructions. Ice packs may also be recommended to minimize pain and discomfort. Intercourse should be avoided for at least four weeks after the procedure. Talk to your doctor about undergoing an adult circumcision.

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