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Physical Therapy After Spine Surgery

After a surgeon at Specialty Surgical Center performs a minimally invasive spine surgery procedure, they may recommend using physical therapy as a form of rehabilitation, especially if you want a faster recovery time. Physical therapy sessions typically start a few weeks after your surgery, but it all depends on how quickly your body has healed.

Surgeons may recommend physical therapy for a number of reasons. For starters, during all of the time you spent being inactive due to the injury and all of the time you needed to heal after surgery, your back muscles were probably very inactive. Physical therapy would help to strengthen the back muscles again. Another reason is because your flexibility goes away if you don’t move your back for a while. If you could not move before due to the pain of the injury, you may not be able to move after surgery because your back muscles lost their flexibility. Finally, your surgeon could recommend physical therapy because it promotes healing. In order for your injury to heal properly after your procedure, you may need to exercise so that you get a good blood flow to that area.

Your physical therapy session

The first time you come, your physical therapist may ask about the minimally invasive spine surgery at Southwest Spine and Pain as well as test you for flexibility, posture and other things they need to know. After the evaluation, he or she will come up with a plan to reduce your pain after surgery as much as possible.

At first, you may start out slow with some stretching and low intensity exercises. The exercises are meant to strengthen your back and other core muscles. Your physical therapist can teach you the proper way to do the exercises so you can do them at home too. The more you work on it, the faster your healing process could go.

Ultimately, the goal is to have you pain-free, so along with exercises, your physical therapist may do some massages. Additionally, heat therapy or electrical simulation could be performed if pain persists.Talk to your our team if they think physical therapy would help you after your back surgery.

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