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Understanding Post Surgical Infection

Most people who have a surgical procedure do not end up experiencing a surgical site infection. But, for those who do, it is extremely important to get the infection under control so it does not cause further medical issues.

One of the first steps to prevention of surgical site infection begins in the operating room. All medical staff who will be in the operating room should clean their hands and arms prior to surgery, and measures will be taken during the surgery to prevent infection, such as giving antibiotics before and after the surgery, and cleaning the skin at the site of the surgery. After the surgery, while you are in recovery, all medical personnel should again have clean hands before examining patients, using either soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Before surgery, it is important that patients do not shave with a razor in the areas near the intended surgical site, as it can irritate the skin and make the area more susceptible to infection. Additionally, patients who smoke should stop before the surgery, not only for general health reasons, but because patients who smoke are at a higher risk for developing postoperative infections.

After the surgery, it is important to have clean hands before touching the surgical dressing or surgical wound, and to follow your physician’s discharge instructions on how to care for the surgical wound. Instructions will be given on how soon patients are able to bathe, and proper procedure for cleaning the surgical wound and changing dressings.

If there are any symptoms of infection including redness, pain, swelling, drainage, fever, or heat at the surgical site, patients should call their doctor immediately.

At Specialty Surgical Center in Sparta, New Jersey, every precaution is taken to ensure patient safety, including ongoing training and program implementation across the facility. For more information on Specialty Surgical Center’s patient safety programs, call 973-940-3166

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