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Compression Fractures Treated With Vertebroplasty

As we age, our bones weaken and become more susceptible to fracture. Some will experience widespread weakening of their bones, which is due to arthritis, osteoporosis and other conditions. These conditions can result in higher risk for broken bones, and breaks can happen under common circumstances, like stumbling. Even if a fall doesn’t occur, the jarring motion can cause a break in weak bones.

For women over the age of 50 with osteoporosis, spinal compression fractures can be common. These fractures can occur during daily activities, like bending down, sneezing, or lifting groceries out of the car. Some will notice a sudden, severe pain in their back, while others will notice a gradual onset of symptoms that get worse over time. Other symptoms may include pain that improves when lying down, pain when bending, or pain that gets worse when standing. In severe cases, spinal compression fractures can cause a loss of height or a curved deformity of the spine that results in a “hunchback.”

If not treated, spinal compression fractures can cause further complications including affecting the ability to breathe, problems with the stomach, and pain in the hips.

At Specialty Surgical Center in Sparta, New Jersey, a minimally invasive treatment for spinal compression fractures is vertebroplasty, an outpatient procedure that will stabilize the fracture and restore the height of the vertebra.

In this procedure, the surgeon will guide a needle into the fractured vertebra through a small puncture in the skin. A medical grade acrylic cement will be injected into the fracture, stabilizing it and creating an internal cast within the structure of the vertebra. If fractures are present at multiple vertebral levels, the surgeon will repeat the procedure at the indicated vertebra. The cement hardens within minutes and after a short time in the recovery area, the patient will be allowed to return home.

Many patients will notice pain relief very quickly following the procedure, and will see an increase in their mobility and function.

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