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Outpatient Foot and Ankle Surgery

Since we depend on healthy feet and ankles for walking and mobility, quick recovery from an injury is extremely important. The skill of the surgeon, the type of surgery required, and the willingness of the patient to stick to the physical therapy regimen all can impact how well someone bounces back from an ankle injury.

Minimally invasive surgeries to repair foot and ankle injuries generally provide the fastest recovery time and the highest chance of returning to previous level of function.

At Specialty Surgical Center in Sparta, New Jersey, there are several minimally invasive surgeries that are regularly performed for foot and ankle conditions, including Achilles tendinitis, arthritis of the foot or ankle, bunions, plantar fasciitis, or turf toe.

The surgical staff also provides joint replacements, fusions, arthroscopic surgery, and bunion surgery.

There are many benefits to having your surgery in an outpatient surgery center like Specialty Surgical Center. Outpatient surgery centers usually report the same or lower risk for post-surgical infection, and many patients are pleased with the level of care and attention they get at an outpatient center. Because patients are allowed to return home the same day, they are able to heal and recover at home, and often experience shorter recovery times.

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