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Minimally Invasive Hip Replacement Surgery

As technology advances, more surgeries are moving toward a minimally invasive approach. While not necessarily suitable for all patients and all types of surgery, a minimally invasive surgery usually has the benefits of a shorter recovery time, less pain, and reduced blood loss.

Hip replacement surgeries are one of the most common orthopedic surgeries. Traditional hip replacement surgery requires a large incision and detachment of the muscles from the hip. This allows the surgical team to view and access the hip through the large incision. The damaged ball part of the hip is removed and replaced with a metal piece, which is then fit into a metal socket that is lined with plastic, metal, or ceramic to create a smooth surface. This replicates and replaces the way the ball and socket formation of the hip naturally moves.

In the minimally invasive approach to hip replacement, a much smaller incision is made – generally between 3 to 6 inches, whereas in traditional hip replacement surgery, an incision of 10 to 12 inches is made. One or two small incisions are made for minimally invasive hip replacement surgery. The muscles and tendons are detached from the hip in the minimally invasive approach as well, but to a degree. The implants used are the same as in traditional hip replacement surgery, but specific instruments are used to work through the smaller incision.

Those who are ideal candidates for minimally invasive hip replacement surgery are generally younger, healthier, and motivated to be extremely involved in the rehabilitation process to get back to their normal routine. Patients who are older, overweight, or have already undergone a hip replacement surgery are usually not good candidates for the minimally invasive approach.

Your orthopedic surgeon will discuss which type of hip replacement surgery will be most beneficial for your particular case and will discuss all the risks and benefits involved with that approach. If you have more questions about minimally invasive hip replacement surgery, contact Specialty Surgical Center in Sparta, New Jersey at 973-940-3166 or speak to your orthopedic surgeon.

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