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Hip Replacement Surgery Procedure


Hip replacement is an orthopedic procedure performed by Specialty Surgical Center’s talented orthopedic team. It’s typically performed on patients with arthritis whose condition has almost completely deteriorated or damaged the hip joint. The advanced arthritis can cause pain and limited mobility, especially when bending or walking. Hip replacement is a minimally invasive procedure that gives patients a new hip joint to regain the freedom to move.

While prepping for surgery, patients will be positioned based on the which approach would best benefit the patient. If they take the posterior approach, the surgeon will make the incision behind the hip joint and go between muscles. If they take the anterior approach, the surgeon will enter the joint through the front. Either way, hip surgery at Specialty Surgical Center is minimally invasive. This means that the surgeon will use as few incisions as possible (usually just one or two) so patients can heal sooner and experience less pain.

During hip replacement surgery, the surgeon will remove the damaged hip joint. He or she will use a prosthetic hip joint that resembles a small ball to replace it. But first, an “anchor” of sorts is attached to the thighbone. This serves as the socket to the “ball and socket” used when moving the hips and legs. The prosthetic is resistant to deterioration and should be functional for decades to come.

Following the procedure, patients may be given pain medication and crutches to move around. One of our physicians or nurses will explain post-operative care including how to wash around the stitches and when patients can stop using the crutches. We will advise patients to be careful when bending or squatting down as well. Patients may be asked to come in for a follow up appointment so we can monitor the healing process and remove any dressings used around the incision site.

We strongly encourage seeing a physical therapist or occupational therapist once patients are healed. They will work to strengthen the muscles surrounding the new joint and ensuring that range of motion is properly restored. Using a physical therapist ensures that patients get the most out of their surgery and limit their pain immediately after recover.

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