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Treating Surgical Scars


Scarring is the body’s natural response to injury. After surgery, the body produces collagen to mend the broken tissue.  Once the wound has healed, patients are often eager to start scar removal treatment. However, scars vary in appearance depending on skin tone, surgical procedure, and many other factors, so what works best for one patient may not be as effective on another patient.

After a procedure, many patients opt for one of the countless variations or scar removal creams from drug stores. The Specialty Surgical Center team has found that these are typically not very helpful when reducing the appearance of scars. Different products advertise various vitamins and expensive ingredients, but studies have proven that many of the products are not effective. However, studies have shown that silicone gel sheeting does in fact work to reduce cosmetically displeasing scars.

Even though topical creams may not work, our experts agree that to treat any scar, the best results are found if you keep it moist. If it helps, patients can cover the area with a bandage in order to keep moisturizing products like petroleum jelly from rubbing off.

Patients may be able to manage their scars by making lifestyle choices that promote healing. The body heals more effectively if the patient eats a well balanced diet, but the most important thing a patient can do is quit smoking. Before surgery at Specialty Surgical Center, patients must quit smoking for at least a week before their procedure, and the same should be practiced afterwards. Nicotine products reduce blood supply to the incision site and contribute to the slow healing of post-operative scars.

At Specialty Surgical Center, we use minimally invasive techniques in our procedures. This reduces the need for long incisions and instead, our skilled surgeons only need to make very few small ones. Not only can this reduce the appearance of large scars, but it is also more beneficial for healing. With this approach, patients can heal faster and feel less overall pain during the recovery phase. However, if you are concerned about surgical scars, one of our staff members would be more than happy to help recommend products, therapies, or procedures that can help flatten out scars once your wound has healed.

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