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Specialty Surgical Center Partnerships

At Specialty Surgical Center, we take an interest in the organizations in our community and that matter to us.

In addition to being a premier surgical center for patient safety, our team is also involved with Pass It Along, a non-profit that focuses on helping teens.

According to the website, Pass It Along is a hands-on program that provides opportunities for self-discovery, volunteering, and leadership. Through working in these service-learning roles, it is the goal of the organization that teens learn to become confident, resilient, and compassionate.

Through Pass It Along, teens learn how to become the change in their world, and become equipped to avoid behaviors that may be risky. This mission resonates with Specialty Surgical Center, as our goal is to change healthcare for better patient outcomes and patient empowerment.

Specialty Surgical Center is also involved with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, a non-profit that believes everyone should get the best care and health possible. The Institute for Healthcare Improvement and Specialty Surgical Center share the same goal of putting the needs of the patient and their family first while improving care, reducing costs, and improving health of their patients and the community.

Eliminate The Unknown is another partnership that Specialty Surgical Center engages in and has helmed since its beginning. At Specialty Surgical Center, our team believes in price transparency and encourages patients to take control of their healthcare. An emerging trend in healthcare is for patients to understand the costs of their care and have the power to price compare, and Specialty Surgical Center firmly supports this through their own cost reduction and price transparency policies.

For more information about Specialty Surgical Center or any of the organizations we partner with, be sure to visit our homepage and click the links at the bottom.

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