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Radiation Oncology

Oncology is the medical specialty that is focused on treating cancer, and within it, there are three subspecialties – medical oncology, surgical oncology, and radiation oncology.

At Specialty Surgical Center in Sparta, New Jersey, specialists on staff treat cancer through radiation oncology. This treatment involves the carefully targeted use of radiation to kill cancer cells, both immediately and long term as the chromosome and DNA involved with the tumor are damaged and no longer able to grow.

Treatments will be designed to narrow in on the exact area that needs radiation, and a radiation oncologist will have the training required to be extremely intentional and precise. Specifically at Specialty Surgical Center, Dr. Bob Cole is an expert in a technique called Prostate Seed Implants, one of the most innovative treatments for prostate cancer. Patients with early, localized, and small tumors are the best candidates for Prostate Seed Implantation.

This therapy involves implantation of a small piece of radioactive iodine or palladium that is as small as a seed or grain of rice. Placed into the prostate gland, they temporarily deliver radiation to the prostate over several weeks, and then become inactive. They remain in the prostate and are harmless.

Specialty Surgical Center is proud to partner with Dr. Cole to bring this innovative treatment to prostate cancer patients. For more information, call Dr. Cole at 1-800-232-1104 or Specialty Surgical Center at 973-940-3166

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