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Outpatient Surgery Centers Become More Popular Amongst Patient Questions

As an ambulatory surgery center (ASC) or outpatient surgery center, Specialty Surgical Center in Sparta, New Jersey is committed to patient safety and continually participates in safety programs and safety training. However, according to Medscape, many patients are questioning whether an outpatient surgery center is the best option for their surgical procedure.

Outpatient surgery centers are becoming an extremely popular choice for many physicians to perform surgery in. Patients may be hesitant to have their procedures in these facilities for many reasons, one of which may be the very publicized death of Joan Rivers in an outpatient surgery center. According to the Medscape article, patients may also feel like they’re not “good enough” to go to “real” hospitals, and will have substandard care at an outpatient surgery center.

In general, outpatient surgery centers are great options for those who receive procedures that do not require an overnight stay. Away from the chaos and confusion of most hospitals, outpatient surgery centers often provide just as good or better medical care than traditional hospitals. Other benefits include that surgery centers are often cheaper for patients and insurance companies and usually have shorter waiting times.

At Specialty Surgery Center, there are many programs in place to provide the highest standards of patient safety and care. The staff continues to become certified through the Institute of Healthcare Safety, and have implemented several programs recommended by the Johns Hopkins Armstrong Institute’s National CUSP Program to increase patient safety and reduce risk.

As the popularity of ASCs continue to rise, Specialty Surgery Center will continue to be on the forefront of patient safety programs and is committed to exceptional patient care.

Specialty Surgical Center is located in Sparta, New Jersey and our staff consists of board certified surgeons and anesthesiologists performing procedures in Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, Spinal Care, Podiatry, Urology, Pain Management, ENT, Hand Surgery, Lithotripsy, Brachytherapy, GYN and Laser Surgery.

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