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Orthopedic Surgery at Specialty Surgical Center

Orthopedic care means correcting problems of the musculoskeletal system. This means that if you have a problem with your bones, muscles, or anything else that holds your skeleton together, you should see a physician who specializes in orthopedics. The bulk of our patients come from people who need orthopedic surgery at our facility. To keep up with the high demand, we have seven orthopedic partners who are board certified in the orthopedic surgery specialty. Many of them are New Jersey natives!

Our specialists perform orthopedic surgeries to correct problems ranging from sports injuries to diseases that break down the musculoskeletal system. Even though our surgeons are experienced at numerous orthopedic surgeries, the most common ones we see at Specialty Surgical Center are arthroscopy of the knee and shoulder; back and spine surgery; hip replacement; and joint replacement surgery.

Arthroscopy is the most common procedure – about 3,000 arthroscopy knee surgeries are performed per year! During an arthroscopy, our surgeons use tiny cameras that provide the ability to see the knee or shoulder joint on a screen. With a better view, the surgeon can manipulate the damaged tissue by either repairing it or removing it, which will depend on the underlying cause of the knee or shoulder pain.

Our back and spine surgeries, like all of our procedures, are outpatient – so the patient can go home that same day. The advantage of having a procedure at an ambulatory surgical center is that patients can be relieved of back pain for less money than a traditional hospital with less recovery time. A few procedures that fall into this category include disc decompression, mending herniated discs, and treating overgrown bones to name a few.

Hip replacement surgery is needed when a patient’s hip joint is diseased and needs to be removed. An artificial part (prosthesis) is inserted where the old hip joint was. This surgery is beneficial to treat patients with arthritis, injuries, or pain. Joint replacement surgery follows the same process as hip replacement surgery. Both procedures remove damaged joints and place a prosthetic. Joint replacement surgery can be performed on any joint (area between two bones), but it is most commonly done on the hips, knees, and shoulders.

All of our orthopedic partners are experts in these procedures and more! If you need surgery for an orthopedic condition not listed, please do not hesitate to call our office. More than likely, we will have an orthopedic surgeon on staff that can professionally treat your musculoskeletal condition.

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