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How A Spinal Adjustment Works for Back Pain

spinal adjustment, also referred to as a chiropractic adjustment, is a fairly common technique that the chiropractors at Specialty Surgical Centers use to help manage chronic back pain symptoms. When one of our specialists performs a spinal manipulation, he or she uses their hands to create a sudden force onto your joints.

During this procedure, a chiropractor will move you into different positions to apply that force into different areas of your back and neck. It is normal to hear a “pop” sound when they do this. The sound is the release of gasses putting pressure on your joints. Ultimately, a spinal adjustment relieves pressure and nerve irritation by improving spinal alignment.

Our specialists encourage an open line of communication regarding where your pain is, so if you feel any tenderness during your adjustment, tell your chiropractor exactly where the pain. That way, they’ll be able to can cater your spinal adjustment to your needs and reduce any tenderness you may have.

Spinal adjustments work best when the patient is completely relaxed during the procedure, so your chiropractor may use some relaxation techniques before your adjustment.

Having a spinal adjustment may relieve lower back pain, neck pain and even headaches. Our specialists will discuss introducing a spinal adjustment into your pain management treatment plan if they feel it’ll help you live pain-free.

A patient may feel a little soreness in the muscles around the spine following a spinal adjustment, but that should dissipate after a day or two. Pain relief from a spinal adjustment differs for everyone; nevertheless, a Specialty Surgical Center chiropractor may recommend another appointment or a different manipulative therapy offered at Specialty Surgical Centers to help treat your chronic back pain.

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