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Can Carpal Tunnel Come Back After Surgery?


It’s understandable that some patients who need to have carpal tunnel release surgery worry about the condition coming back. After all, wrist splints and pain management techniques did not work and surgery is often a last resort. Our physicians want patients to rest assured that their pain can end at Specialty Surgical Center.

The good news is that according to the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, carpal tunnel syndrome rarely comes back after surgery. However, it is possible for patients to still experience carpel tunnel syndrome symptoms after their procedure. If patients still feel pain in their wrists or have a loss of sensation in their limbs, another condition could be causing the pain. There are a number of reasons why this could happen. First, the referring doctor could have mistakenly believed that the pain is coming from the median nerve. However, the surgery is not a loss. The endoscopic procedure can look into the wrist and see if another source could be causing the pain. Additionally, our skilled surgeons can help release the nerve by removing anything pressing into it, but sometimes the nerve is too damaged for repair. It’s important for patients to come to Specialty Surgical Center soon after their diagnoses to prevent advanced carpel tunnel syndrome from developing.

However, both of these circumstances are extremely rare. In most cases, the minimally invasive wrist surgeries we do are very effective at getting rid of carpal tunnel syndrome permanently. We believe that following the surgery, patients can live a life free of wrist pain. Before then, patients may experience a little soreness post-operatively.  To reduce pain after the procedure, our physicians and nurses will give you a guide on how to take care of your wound. Keeping the area clean is key to avoiding post-surgical pain and irritation from infection. Additionally, we can refer patients to a physical therapist to promote a faster recovery once the area is just about healed. Finally, be sure to rest your wrist often! Keep the wrist in a neutral position and use your hands as little as possible when recovering. Your wrist will be weaker following the surgery and will  need plenty of time to rest.

The bottom line is that patients most likely won’t have to deal with wrist pain after carpel tunnel release syndrome, but they may feel a little pain after the surgery. Patients can take measures into their own hands by practicing good post-operative habits and resting when necessary, but they can also help manage their pain with over-the-counter pain medications until the incision site heals. If patients have any questions or concerns, they are more than welcome to call our Sparta office.

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